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  • Why did you change names?
    Maggie Moos is part of a franchise. Due to a corporate merger, all Maggie Moos are becoming Marble Slabs. Due to this change, we can either become a Marble Slab within the next few years, or we can become our own brand. We chose to become an independent company to better serve our customers.
  • What about my coupons?
    We will continue to honor all currently circulated coupons that have not expired
  • What about my Gift Cards?
    We will replace your Maggie Moos gift card with a Freezing Point gift card of equal value.
  • What about my rewards?
    Unfortunately, your current rewards cannot transfer to our new system. When you join our new program, we will automatically give you 15% off, just for joining.
  • Will you have my favorite flavor?
    Yes! all of our flavors and toppings will remain the same.
  • Is Freezing Point under new management?
    No, the Delord family has owned and operated Maggie Moo's for the last 8 years, and is looking forward to the bright new future of their new brand Freeizng Point.
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