Frequently asked questions

Why did you change names?

Maggie Moos is part of a franchise. Due to a corporate merger, all Maggie Moos are becoming Marble Slabs. Due to this change, we can either become a Marble Slab within the next few years, or we can become our own brand. We chose to become an independent company to better serve our customers.

What about my coupons?

We will continue to honor all currently circulated coupons that have not expired

What about my Gift Cards?

We will replace your Maggie Moos gift card with a Freezing Point gift card of equal value.

What about my rewards?

Unfortunately, your current rewards cannot transfer to our new system. When you join our new program, we will automatically give you 15% off, just for joining.

Will you have my favorite flavor?

Yes! all of our flavors and toppings will remain the same.

Is Freezing Point under new management?

No, the Delord family has owned and operated Maggie Moo's for the last 8 years, and is looking forward to the bright new future of their new brand Freeizng Point.